Board Management, External Relations, Expansion

External Relations Procedure


Marketing Materials

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Editable Booklets and Packages (.key – for MacBook’s users)

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Partnership Booklets & Media Cards

Sponsorship Packages


BEE Handbook (July 2020)

Expansion Manual (June 2020)

External Relations Manual (June 2020)


Tips & Tricks

1st Communication Tools (May 2020)

Email Tips & Tricks (April 2020)

Telephone Tips & Tricks (April 2020)

BEE Transition Checklist (Updated – July 2021)


External Relations Database of ELSA

(to check before contacting potential partners from different countries)


ERD Statistical Reports



Privacy in the times of Covid-19 – Queen Mary University of London (July 2020)

How to build an international law career – BARBRI

How to sell a webinar: Fully digitalised events and promotion of partners – ELSA International 



59th IPM Thessaloniki 2019


76th ICM Constanta 2019


61th IPM Online 2020


78th ICM Online 2020


1st ISM Online 2021


79th ICM Online 2021


1st ITM Online 2021


2nd ISM Online 2022