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BEE Handbook (NEW – July 2020)

Expansion Manual (NEW-June 2020)

External Relations Manual (NEW-June 2020)


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1st Communication Tools (NEW – May 2020)

Email Tips & Tricks (NEW – April 2020)

Telephone Tips & Tricks (NEW – April 2020)

BEE Transition Checklist (Updated- July 2020)


ERD Statistical Reports


Scholarship Guidelines


Privacy in the times of Covid-19 – Queen Mary University of London (NEW-July 2020)

How to build an international law career – BARBRI

How to sell a webinar: Fully digitalised events and promotion of partners – ELSA International 



59th IPM Thessaloniki 2019


76th ICM Constanta 2019


61th IPM Online 2020


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1st ISM Online 2021


79th ICM Online 2021